15th of October

Today during Hemingway we practiced in our First Phonics books and also read together with the Scholastic online library.

In Sportsmanship they did a great job warming up, excising, then the children ran super fast in the relay races that they did.

In Newton time we continue practicing math problems and getting better in our comprehension.

The students are starting to memorize their scripts for Octobers speech.

14th of October

Today during Hemingway class we did our Wonders workbook together and then practiced reading as a class.

Today the class practiced very well in violin together.

In Newton we did math problem solving and focused on problems with the number 8 in them.

Today they enjoyed their trip to the Golf club.

In Einstein they learned about optical illusions and made a spinning top to demonstrate.

11th of October

Today in Robin class during Hemingway we practiced reading and finding words in our Wonders Readers book. We also did Scholastic reading practice.

In Picasso class they made beautiful trees with leaves and learned about Autumn colors and trees.

In Sportsmanship we stretched and played a game of co-operating as a group quickly.

In Social Play class we are learning about how rules help us to get on as a class with others.

7th of October

Today in Hemingway class we practiced reading in our Wonders book. The students did really in recognizing and finding different sight and phonic words.

In Newton time we followed instructions and made eight in various ways.

In Einstein class we learned about parrots, balance and the names of bird body parts.

30th of September

Today in Hemingway we continued to practice our blending of phonics.

Having a great time practicing their swings in golf class.

Practicing violin together.

23rd of September

Today the students practiced sounding out individual phonics sounds and creating phonics blends.

In golf class they are really having a great time learning and are doing very well.

In Einstein we learned about motors and batteries and made a boat.

19th of September

Today student’s enjoyed crazy hair day.

In Hemingway we practiced reading and recognising words in sentences.

In Social play we thought about how rules help us in getting on with one another. We then considered some of the rules that we have and how the specifically help.

18th of September

Today in Hemingway we practiced phonics with a blended phonics game. We also did some exercises with blending in our First Phonics book

The children love to dance in Beethoven Song and Dance. They are getting used to some new songs. It is wonderful to see their enjoying themselves so much as they follow the dance moves.

In Newton we are practicing using number-lines.

In Einstein we learnt about the four seasons with a song and then matched events happening through the year with their seasons.